“My Music Delivers A Message” 

Artist Name: Mz. Dyzihre  
Genre: Hip-Hop / Rap  
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York  
Present Location: Houston, Texas 

One word to best describe what the music game is missing  !!! 

Mz.Dyzihre,  a native of New York grew up on the streets of  Brooklyn.  She has always had a taste for the arts.   What sets her apart from other female artist is that her music is relatable and it conveys a message.  Mz.Dyzihre currently just released her single "Hello New York"  that is available on Spotify, CD Baby, and  Tidal. Her album "Femcee Chronicles" coming soon will feature chart-topping hits such as "Checkmate", "Hello New York " and "Doowa" just to name a few. 


Down Low Video Shoot 2/26/18

Down Low (What You Sippin ?)

(Afro Dancehall House Mix)

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